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Hagia Sophia is a very famous building in Istanbul, Turkey. It is very big and old. It is now a mosque, but it was a church and a museum before. People from all over the world come to see Hagia Sophia because it is very beautiful and important.

The building is in the center of Istanbul. It is near the sea and many other famous places. The city around Hagia Sophia is busy and full of history. Many tourists visit this place.

Hagia Sophia is famous for its large dome. The dome is very high and round. It looks amazing. The walls and floors are very old but very strong. The inside of Hagia Sophia is very beautiful. There are many old paintings and decorations. Some of these are gold and very shiny.

The mosque is open to everyone. People go there to pray and to look at the art. It is a place of peace and beauty. Inside, it is quiet and cool. The light comes in through big windows. This makes the inside look very special.

Long ago, Hagia Sophia was a church. It was built more than 1,000 years ago. Later, it became a mosque. For some time, it was a museum. Now, it is a mosque again. This is interesting because it shows the history of the city.

People take care of Hagia Sophia. They clean it and fix it when it is necessary. This is important because the building is very old. Taking care of it helps everyone enjoy and learn from it.

Hagia Sophia is not just a building. It is a symbol. It shows how the city of Istanbul has many cultures and a long history. It is a place where different people and different stories come together.

In conclusion, Hagia Sophia is a very special place. It is beautiful, important, and interesting. It is a place that everyone should see if they can.




center: merkez (noun)

busy: yoğun (adjective)

history: tarih (noun)

tourists: turistler (noun)

dome: kubbe (noun)

high: yüksek (adjective)

round: yuvarlak (adjective)

amazing: harika (adjective)

walls: duvarlar (noun)

floors: zeminler (noun)

inside: iç (noun)

paintings: tablolar (noun)

decorations: süslemeler (noun)

gold: altın (noun)

shiny: parlak (adjective)

pray: dua etmek (verb)

art: sanat (noun)

peace: barış (noun)

beauty: güzellik (noun)

quiet: sessiz (adjective)

cool: serin (adjective)

light: ışık (noun)

big windows: büyük pencereler (noun)

special: özel (adjective)

interesting: ilginç (adjective)

clean: temizlemek (verb)

fix: onarmak (verb)

enjoy: zevk almak (verb)

learn: öğrenmek (verb)

symbol: simge (noun)

cultures: kültürler (noun)

stories: hikayeler (noun)

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