John's love for English - A1



John is a student. He loves learning English. Every day, he wakes up and says, “Today, I learn new words.”

John has a small book. The book has pictures and simple words. It helps John learn English. He reads the book after breakfast. The book shows a cat, a dog, a ball, and a car. These words are nouns. Nouns are names for people, places, or things.

After reading, John watches English videos. The videos are short and fun. They have songs and stories. John listens and repeats the words. This helps him remember the words.

John also likes to write. He writes new words in his notebook. Writing helps him remember the words better. Sometimes, he draws pictures next to the words.

In the evening, John talks to his friend, Mary. Mary also learns English. They speak in English. They talk about simple things. They say things like “The sky is blue” or “I like apples.” This practice helps John use English in real life.

John makes mistakes sometimes. But he does not worry. He knows making mistakes is part of learning. Every mistake helps him learn.

John loves learning English. It makes him happy. He wants to speak English well. He knows practice is important. He practices every day.


love (verb) – sevmek

learn (verb) – öğrenmek

English (noun) – İngilizce

wake (verb) – uyanmak

say (verb) – demek

have (verb) – sahip olmak

book (noun) – kitap

help (verb) – yardım etmek

read (verb) – okumak

show (verb) – göstermek

noun (noun) – isim

watch (verb) – izlemek

fun (adjective) – eğlenceli

listen (verb) – dinlemek

repeat (verb) – tekrar etmek

like (verb) – beğenmek

write (verb) – yazmak

draw (verb) – çizmek

talk (verb) – konuşmak

speak (verb) – konuşmak

practice (verb) – pratik yapmak

make (verb) – yapmak

mistake (noun) – hata

know (verb) – bilmek

important (adjective) – önemli

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