Sara and Family Picnic - A1



One sunny day, Sara and her family go to the park. They eat breakfast together. They have eggs and bread. Then, they put on their shoes and go outside.

Sara, her mom, her dad, and her little sister, Lily, walk to the park. The park is not far. They see flowers and trees. The flowers are red, yellow, and pink. They look pretty.

In the park, there is a playground. Sara and Lily run to the swings. They swing up and down. They are happy. Sara sees her friend Tom. Tom comes to play too. They go down the slide many times. They laugh a lot.

Mom and Dad sit on a bench. They watch Sara and Lily play. They are calm. They like the sun and the cool air.

They eat lunch in the park. They have sandwiches and apples. They drink water and juice. The food is yummy.

After lunch, they play soccer. Sara and Lily are on one team. Mom and Dad are on the other team. They kick the ball. They try to make goals. The game is fun.

Later, they go to the lake. They see ducks and fish. Lily gives bread to the ducks. The ducks come close. The ducks are funny.

It is time to go home. They walk home. They talk about their day. They are tired but happy. At home, they drink tea and talk more. They had a great day.

This day is special for Sara and her family. They make happy memories.


flowers (noun) – çiçekler

trees (noun) – ağaçlar

pretty (adjective) – güzel

playground (noun) – oyun alanı

happy (adjective) – mutlu

laugh (verb) – gülmek

calm (adjective) – sakin

yummy (adjective) – lezzetli

goals (noun) – goller

fun (adjective) – eğlenceli

funny (adjective) – komik

tired (adjective) – yorgun

special (adjective) – özel

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