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The Eiffel Tower is a famous structure in Paris, France. It is very tall and big. It is made of iron and is brown. The Eiffel Tower is an important landmark. Many tourists visit it every year.

The Eiffel Tower is in the city of Paris. Paris is the capital of France. France is a country in Europe. The Eiffel Tower is near the River Seine. The area around it is very beautiful.

The tower is open to visitors every day. People can go up the Eiffel Tower using elevators or stairs. There are three levels where people can stop. The top level is very high. The view from the top is amazing. People can see all of Paris.

At night, the Eiffel Tower is very pretty. There are many lights on it. The lights shine and make the tower look magical.

The Eiffel Tower is also very old. It was built in 1889. That is more than 130 years ago. A man named Gustave Eiffel designed the tower. He was a smart engineer.

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris. It is known all over the world. People think of the Eiffel Tower when they think of Paris. It shows the talent of people who build great things.

In conclusion, the Eiffel Tower is a very important and famous place in Paris. It is tall, strong, and beautiful. People love to see it and take photos there. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.


Eiffel Tower – Eiffel Kulesi (noun)

structure – yapı (noun)

tall – uzun (adjective)

big – büyük (adjective)

iron – demir (noun)

brown – kahverengi (adjective)

landmark – simge (noun)

tourists – turistler (noun)

city – şehir (noun)

capital – başkent (noun)

country – ülke (noun)

beautiful – güzel (adjective)

tower – kule (noun)

open – açık (adjective)

visitors – ziyaretçiler (noun)

elevators – asansörler (noun)

stairs – merdivenler (noun)

levels – katlar (noun)

level – kat (noun)

view – manzara (noun)

amazing – harika (adjective)

pretty – güzel (adjective)

lights – ışıklar (noun)

shine – parlamak (verb)

magical – büyülü (adjective)

old – eski (adjective)

engineer – mühendis (noun)

symbol – simge (noun)

talent – yetenek (noun)

important – önemli (adjective)

famous – ünlü (adjective)

photos – fotoğraflar (noun)

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